Goldwyn Elected Democratic-NPL State Party Chair, Finley-DeVille Elected Vice Chair

Today, Adam Goldwyn of Fargo was elected State Party Chair of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. Goldwyn currently serves as the Democratic-NPL District 11 Chair, DNC Committeeman for North Dakota and is a professor at NDSU.

State Representative Gretchen Dobervich (D-11) nominated Goldwyn saying, “He is committed, I think that Adam will be a fantastic party chair!”

Goldwyn remarked, “I stand up tall because I’m a Democrat. I want to see Dem-NPLers stand up in every corner of this state, stand proud, stand behind our values and ideals, stand behind the policies that will improve the lives of all North Dakotans.”

Goldwyn plans to recruit Democrats to run for office at all levels from federal to municipal races, “because every race we win is a chance to enact policies that help people, and every race is a chance to show the voters of this state that the Dem-NPL offers something better than a politics of cynicism; we offer real solutions to the real problems facing North Dakotans.”

State Representative Lisa Finley-DeVille (D-4A) was elected Vice Chair. She was nominated by fellow House Member Jayme Davis (D-9A).

Outgoing State Party Chair Patrick Hart and Vice Chair Kari Breker were elected to the positions of Treasurer and Secretary respectively. Hart said, “My time with the party has given me insight to the inner workings of state party accounting and fundraising methods. I seek this position for three reasons, first the learning curve in understanding how parties and the DNC interacts is a lot on its own, I would love to help ensure stability of institutional knowledge, second fundraising in state and being a friendly voice with name recognition to our donor base shows stability in party affairs, and lastly because I love making fundraising asks and hearing from our constituency.”

Mark Casler, Tom Devilbiss, Charlie Hart, Brian Kocourek, Charlene Rawson, and Lana Rakow were elected to serve as Regional Representatives on the Democratic-NPL Executive Committee.