FLASHBACK: “For Cramer it is Loyalty to Trump above what is best for North Dakota”

BISMARCK, ND) –In April, NDxPlains’ Tyler Axness observed that, “For Cramer it is loyalty to Trump above what is best for North Dakota.” The article may be a flashback, but the words are truer now than ever. Cramer has consistently shown North Dakotans where his loyalties lie – and it isn’t with them. From the article: 

“[Cramer] believes loyalty to Trump is either above his responsibility to North Dakota or that they are one in the same. Either way, he is utterly wrong.

Cramer displays his eagerness to be obedient and subservient to President Donald Trump. It is loyalty to Trump over North Dakota. There has been and will continue to be times where President Trump is wrong about what is best for our state. In those moments, North Dakota deserves an independent thinker.”

Here’s a far from comprehensive list of the times Cramer was a rubber stamp for the president and his party – voting with the president 100 percent of the time – and putting his own political interests above North Dakotans.

  1. Cramer has called North Dakota’s farmers, ranchers, and businesses concerns over the president’s trade war “hysteria” and told them to have a higher “pain threshold” – despite 111,100 North Dakota jobs and over $60 million in exports being threatened by these policies.
  2. Cramer has toed the party line with a recent partisan budget proposal that would make significant cuts to Social Security and Medicare.
  3. Cramer voted for the partisan health care plan that would spike costs, impose an age tax on older Americans, and gut coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  4. Cramer likened voting against Trump’s agenda to cheating on your wife.
  5. “By his own conceit, Cramer is a malleable sycophant who will do Trump’s bidding without question.”
  6. Cramer claimed Trump told him that he loved him.