Dem-NPL Senate Candidate Christiansen blasts Hoeven incompetence, Becker extremism

On Monday morning, State Rep. Rick Becker entered the U.S. Senate Race as an “independent conservative,” making it a three-way race among him, John Hoeven, and Katrina Christiansen.

Christiansen, the Democratic-NPL candidate, said, “Becker entering the race indicates just how weak Hoeven is—the whole federal delegation is the weakest one ND has ever had. At least with Becker we know where he stands—unfortunately it’s with the thoughtless knee-jerk wing of the GOP that wants more to remove subsidies for farmers and freedoms from women and the LGBTQ community. With Hoeven, we never know. He is a weather vane waiting for his orders or a sense of popularity. All of our federal delegation has risen to level of their own incompetence.”

Christiansen continued, “I look forward to Becker’s entrance into the race. It only amplifies the myth of John Hoeven. He has only done two good things in the senate. He won the seat. And he pushed for lower lease payments around the reservoir—otherwise he has been focused on doubling his wealth. This is an opportunity for North Dakota to elect a real problem solver, someone who is used to hard work.”