AG Candidate Lamb applauds N.D. Supreme Court Decision in Landowners’ Rights Case

Tim Lamb, candidate for North Dakota Attorney General, applauds the recent North Dakota Supreme Court decision in favor of landowners’ rights. In Northwest Landowners Association v. State, 2022 ND 150, the Court held that landowners’ sub-surface land rights are protected by the constitution. The case challenged a new law giving sub-surface rights or what is called “pore space” to oil companies drilling the area. The Supreme Court held that the law was unconstitutional. Lamb agrees. He said, “This case is a good example of the exploitation of landowners’ rights. It’s a bright day in North Dakota when the highest court rules in favor of landowners over big oil interests.”

Lamb also says, “if I’m elected, the North Dakota Industrial Commission will be balanced with a voice of reason on it.” The Industrial Commission is comprised of the Governor, Attorney General and Ag Commissioner. Lamb will welcome landowners to the table for their advice. He advocates for open and transparent government at all levels.

Lamb practices law in all state and federal courts in North Dakota, is a 20-year Army veteran and retired Major, has a Master’s degree in management, was on the Grand Forks School Board for 15 years, and is a fifth generation North Dakotan. He is married and has two sons, and lives in Grand Forks.