Cramer Too Scared to Debate Heidi, Hiding From the Issues

(BISMARCK, ND) – Not only has Kevin Cramer previously declined six debates with Senator Heitkamp but now he’s attempting to weasel his way out of an already scheduled debate with Prairie Public and AARP, using the Supreme Court vote as an excuse to avoid discussing the issues that are important to North Dakotans like access to affordable health care and the ongoing trade war.

And when Cramer isn’t purposefully dodging debates, he’s busy twisting himself into a pretzel trying to paper over his anti-North Dakota record… all because it’s an election year.

Here’s a live look:


Missed Debates:
Bismarck Tribune: “The first debate in North Dakota’s U.S. Senate race is postponed due to pending Senate votes, but it’s unclear if the event will be rescheduled […] Prairie Public producer Matt Olien said he’s ‘not optimistic’ it will happen after discussion with Cramer’s campaign.”

NDxPlains: Cramer Dodges Farm Debate for Fundraiser in Texas
“Cramer’s snub of today’s debate is the latest in a growing list. According to people familiar with the debate requests, Cramer has declined one of the two debates with AARP and Prairie Public. He said “no” to a KFGO debate on statewide radio, and turned down a debate on Fox News. He has also rejected another farm-based debate with the Chamber of Commerce Ag Forum in conjunction with ND Soybean Council. It turns out, he has rejected more debates than he has accepted.”

Papering Over His Record:
Washington Post: Would the House GOP plan have prevented ‘price discrimination’ against people with preexisting conditions?
“Thus Cramer goes too far to claim that in the AHCA, there are ‘safeguards to make sure that there’s not price discrimination as a result of preexisting conditions.’ […] He earns Three Pinocchios.”

HEADLINE: Fargo Forum via Washington Post: Cramer ad claims he led crude oil ban repeal, but other lawmakers credit Heitkamp

HEADLINE: NBC: Thief! Heitkamp charges opponent with stealing credit for bill she championed

Zaleski, The Forum: Cramer “is one of the best fudge masters in Washington, D.C.”

PolitiFact: Cramer’s calls for tweaks to Social Security and Medicare, like raising the eligibility age and increasing means testing, “could be interpreted as calls for cuts,” a position Cramer “has held… for years.”

HEADLINE: PolitiFact: Kevin Cramer distorts record on government shutdown

HEADLINE: Washington Post: N.D. Republican’s Senate campaign ‘fact-checking’ website promotes false claim on CBO estimatesHEADLINE: PolitiFact: Kevin Cramer distorts Heidi Heitkamp’s record on banking regulations

PolitiFact on Cramer’s Health Care Agenda.
“Whatever Cramer’s wish is, his votes jeopardize coverage as it stands for pre-existing conditions in the individual market, according to Karen Pollitz, senior fellow at the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit health care organization […] In practice, plans for individuals in the nongroup market would become exorbitantly priced, if available at all.”