Cramer Supports Cuts to Key Economic Driver in ND Cities

Essential Air Service (EAS) Funding Provides $11 Million to Rural Airports in ND Each Year

 Access to rural areas is critical to rural economic development. But apparently, that’s not a concept Congressman Cramer understands. If Cramer had his way, the Essential Air Service (EAS) Program – which provides critical funding to small community airports in North Dakota cities from Dickinson to Devils Lake – would be on the chopping block. Cuts to EAS would create a “real risk of these communities losing commercial service,”according to the Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional airport director, and would threaten job creation and economic growth in these communities.

While Devils Lake Airport, Dickinson Airport, and Jamestown Airport all receive funding from this program, Cramer supported cuts to EAS funding that was included in the president’s budget proposal. In fact, Cramer has gone so far as to suggest that he would be willing to support “eliminating” the service.

“North Dakotans know how vital the Essential Air Service Program is to providing the access rural North Dakota towns need to build strong economies, grow jobs, and to keep our communities strong and safe,” said Scott McNeil, Executive Director of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. “Unfortunately, Congressman Cramer’s repeated willingness to cut this critical program is just one in a heap of examples of him valuing Washington party bosses ahead of what’s best for North Dakota.”

Additional Background: 

Essential Air Service Gives $11 Million To North Dakota’s Airports, Including $4.2 Million To Dickinson Airport, $4 Million To Devils Lake Airport, And $2.8 Million To Jamestown Airport. [The Bismarck Tribune, 3/25/17]

Cramer Expressed An Openness To Cutting The Essential Air Services Program, Which Provides Subsidies To Small Community Airports. [The Dickinson Press, 12/6/17]

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