Cramer rationalizes Roy Moore, remains silent on accusations against House GOP colleague

Cramer says there is a ‘different standard’ for Moore’s highly credible alleged abuse of minors because ‘you’re talking 40 years past’

But Cramer’s colleague Blake Farenthold used taxpayer dollars to settle sexual harassment lawsuit in 2014

(BISMARCK, ND) – Last night, while speaking with conservative TV pundit Chris Berg, Congressman Kevin Cramer rationalized numerous highly credible allegations of sexual misconduct against Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, saying: “you’re talking 40 years past.” That’s right – Kevin Cramer thinks Roy Moore’s alleged abuse of minors should be judged with a “different standard.”

Here are the key quotes from his interview:

“I would also say the past, when you’re talking 40 years past, versus last year, two years ago in the case of both Senator Franken and Representative Conyers, you are talking about something a little bit different, you’re talking about a different standard.”

“I think then you have to let the past be the past.”  

Even if you agree with Cramer’s bizarre standard for rationalizing allegations of sexual misconduct — and we definitely do not — why, then, is Congressman Cramer silent when it comes to recent allegations against his own House Republican colleague Blake Farenthold?

Farenthold is accused of sexually harassing his former Communications Director, who brought a lawsuit against him in 2014 saying she was fired after raising concerns about sexual harassment and a hostile work environment created by the congressman’s multiple advances and inappropriate comments. Farenthold then used nearly $85,000 in taxpayer dollars to secretly protect himself and settle the lawsuit.

If Congressman Cramer takes recent allegations so seriously, shouldn’t he call for his colleague’s resignation?