Tom Campbell, Kevin Cramer must renounce endorsement from white supremacist Peter Tefft

(BISMARCK, ND) – Responding to an op-ed in the Fargo Forum in which white supremacist Peter Tefft – who participated in the violent Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville – declares his support for State Senator Tom Campbell and Congressman Kevin Cramer, Democratic-NPL chairwoman Kylie Oversen issued the following statement:

“White supremacy and white nationalism are abhorrent and stand in stark contrast to the North Dakotan and American values of tolerance and love for our neighbors of all races, colors and creeds. The racist views of Peter Tefft have no place in our political dialogue and must be forcefully and unequivocally rejected.
“State Senator Tom Campbell and Congressman Kevin Cramer must renounce Peter Tefft’s endorsement immediately.”