Cramer Contradicts Himself on Trade War Timeline in Week Since Dem-NPL Launches Countdown Clock

(BISMARCK, ND) – It’s been a week and a half since the ND Dem-NPL launched its countdown clock to hold Congressman Cramer accountable for punting his responsibility to stand up for North Dakotans against this disastrous trade war. Rather than offering real, lasting solutions, Cramer is contradicting himself, telling one audience that negotiations with China would “take a while,” and telling another that he “expect[s] some quick action.” What’s more, he admits that the markets lost due to this trade war could “be lost for years” and that it’s causing pain for farmers – but that isn’t stopping him from playing politics with their livelihoods.

This political doublespeak comes just one week after Cramer was accused of his interest in the trade war stemming from, not out of a desire to help North Dakotans, but because he’s worried about his election chances.

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