Cowardly Cramer: Dem-NPL statement on Kevin Cramer’s latest stunt on tariffs

Cramer continues to put political ambitions ahead of North Dakotans

(BISMARCK, ND) – Today, the Democratic-NPL released the following statement on Kevin Cramer’s latest stunt on the president’s reckless tariffs:”Rather than stand up to President Trump, Congressman Cramer is more worried about saving face than he is about the North Dakota farmers he’s completely abandoned. There’s only one word for the kind of politician who would do such a thing: Coward,” said Scott McNeil, Executive Director of the North Dakota Dem-NPL. “Cramer’s latest stunt show’s that instead of making it clear where he stands and fighting to stop the tariffs, he’s passing the buck to someone else. North Dakotans don’t need Cramer to become Secretary Perdue’s pen pal, they need a strong leader who will put politics aside to stand up for farmers and ranchers. Our economy can’t afford to elect a coward like Cramer.”

Earlier this week, Cramer’s opposition to the president’s tariffs only lasted for a few minutes – Cramer even deleted his tweet and then posted a watered down response where he praised the president’s reckless actions. Even conservative outlets like the Washington Examiner have slammed Cramer for “standing by his man” on policies that would be devastating for North Dakota and rural America.

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