Candidate vs. Congressman

May 16th, 2019

Candidate vs Congressman
(BISMARCK, ND) – Since being elected in 2018, Congressman Kelly Armstrong has not said or done anything to advance the interests of North Dakota’s agriculture community. This is particularly alarming in the midst of the newest round of failed negotiations with China, as increased tariffs threaten to cause even more damage to family farms, agribusiness, and consumers across the country.

Agriculture and agribusiness are simply not top priorities for the Congressman, and no one ever really thought they were. During his 2018 campaign, farm groups had expressed apprehension, stating that they felt Armstrong doesn’t grasp their issues. They were right to be concerned.

As a candidate, Kelly Armstrong was not one to shy away from taking a position on the Trade War, but as a Congressman? He hasn’t spoken one word about it. Perhaps Congressman Armstrong thinks it best to fly under the radar in the hopes that the trade war will end soon, or perhaps he simply doesn’t care. One thing is for sure: come re-election time, Kelly Armstrong won’t be able to ignore the farmers he has failed to stand up for in Washington, anymore.