State Sen. Tom Campbell goes after Corrupt Cramer for using campaign cash to enrich himself and family

(BISMARCK, ND) – Yesterday in an interview on KFGO, U.S. Senate candidate Tom Campbell had some choice words for Congressman Kevin Cramer, who is considering jumping into the North Dakota Senate race. Congressman Cramer has recently come under fire for paying himself and his family more than $350,000 from political donations and essentially using his campaign committee as a family business.
State Sen. Tom Campbell apparently has some reservations about Cramer’s ethics, too. Quotes from the interview are below – and you can also listen to the full interview here.

“[B]ut no, that is a lot of money and I think it could have been used a little bit wiser […]”
“[I]t does raise a few flags and looks like, you know, why, was it legitimate or not? And you’ll have to ask him for that.”
“I would not do that.”
“[Y]ou’d never have to worry about that with me.”

The ethics issues don’t stop there for Congressman Cramer. This week, the Democratic-NPL called for an ethics investigation into Congressman Cramer’s use of official taxpayer resources for campaign purposes. 
When it comes to the Congressman’s ethics, we agree with Tom Campbell – North Dakotans deserve answers from Corrupt Cramer.