Burgum Boasts Below Average Economy

(BISMARCK, ND) – When Doug Burgum campaigned for the governor’s job, he said he’d use his business savvy to help our state weather economic downturns. However, several national rankings on the states’ economic climate indicate that Governor Doug Burgum’s job performance related to business has been below average at best.

US News recently ranked North Dakota 35th for our economy. CNBC felt similarly, ranking North Dakota’s economy 31st.

The US News report measured states’ economic stability and potential. The ranking looked at growth, employment and business environment. On the latter measure, North Dakota ranked 41st.

CNBC report released July 10th, 2019 looked at a number of factors including economic growth, job creation, the state’s fiscal health and overall budget picture, health care obligations, and the number of major corporations headquartered in each state.

“Burgum brags about being the best leader for a changing economy, touting his hazy Main Street Initiative, but the reality is he hasn’t moved the needle on North Dakota’s business climate,” said Alison Jones, Communications Director for the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. “In fact, since he took office, North Dakota has dropped 19 spots in Forbes’ ranking of best states. Our neighboring states fare better than we do in most respects around the economy. The Governor’s so-called business savvy has led to a below average economic performance. North Dakotans deserve better.”