❌👻 Beware of “CramerCare” ❌👻

(BISMARCK, ND) – Kevin Cramer says his health care agenda “would look like” skinny repeal or Graham-Cassidy, but the reality is much spookier. “CramerCare” would be a disaster for North Dakotans – a fact that the Williston Herald, in their reporting on Cramer’s health care agenda – made sure to point out.

  • Other reports, however, show Graham-Cassidy would be a net loss for several states, including North Dakota, once federal funds provided to states for Medicaid expansion are included. An estimate published by Politico, prepared by Avalere Health, showed North Dakota losing up to $10 billion in funding from 2020 to 2026.
  • But the bill also lets states get waivers to price premiums based on an individual’s health care status. That’s similar to the situation prior to the ACA, when premiums for those with pre-existing conditions were too expensive for most.”

Here’s how else “CramerCare” could harm North Dakotans:

❌Eliminate federal funding for Medicaid expansion, which has enabled 18,000 North Dakotans to obtain coverage

❌Allow insurance companies to charge more for pre-existing conditions coverage

❌Allow states to define essential health benefits that to not include health conditions like asthma, cancer, or depression

❌Implement an ‘Age Tax’ on older North Dakotans ages 50-64

Reminder: Cramer also voted to repeal or undermine the current health care law 65 times and supports a partisan lawsuit that seeks to repeal the current law. He’s repeatedly broken his promise to North Dakotans to protect their care.