QUICK CLIP: Cramer and GOP’s “Revisionist History” on Health Care

(BISMARCK, ND) – Kevin Cramer and his colleagues are called out for their “revisionist history” when it comes to taking away coverage for pre-existing conditions and protecting access to affordable health care.



John King: “…I’m not for taking away coverage for pre-existing conditions, that’s what all the Republicans are saying. However, they have the House and Senate majority – they didn’t pass anything as they were trying to repeal Obamacare, they didn’t pass anything to preserve the pre-existing condition coverage. And the Trump administration is trying to let insurers sell policies that don’t have pre-existing condition coverage.”

Abby Phillip: “Yeah, it’s hard for me to see this flying, really. Even if you haven’t been paying attention to politics, you understand the basic contours of the health care fight for the last six years, which is repeal Obamacare on the Republican side and preserve Obamacare on the Democratic side, and a key part of that is pre-existing conditions. This revisionist history on Republican’s part, I think it’s… truly, I don’t think voters are stupid. It’s not going to be difficult for them to understand.”