With Oscar Season Approaching, Kevin Cramer Performs Award-Worthy Fake Outrage

BISMARCK, ND — Sen. Kevin Cramer released an official statement responding to the impeachment proceedings of former President, Donald Trump. The statement, which included words generally associated with Cramer’s treatment of constituents and fair and free elections – “mockery” and “disgusting” – comes shortly after Cramer supported several events, rallies, and fake news on the election results that led to the events on Jan. 6.

Following Cramer’s press release, the Senate voted to uphold the constitutionality of the impeachment proceedings. The vote passed 56-44, with all 50 Democratic Senators and six Republican Senators voting in favor.

In reference to Sen. Cramer’s statement, Democratic-NPL Executive Director, Michael Taylor said:

“What’s truly disgusting is a former Congressman and current Senator who perpetrated the behavior that incited the events on January 6th. It’s disgusting that he actively spoke against free and fair elections, consistently lied to North Dakotans, and held and participated in rallies that led up to the Capitol Insurrection. He has neither the position nor the merit to make statements like that, especially when the irony is completely lost on him.”

Taylor continued:

“The American people deserve justice, plain and simple. If inciting an insurrection on the United States Capitol that led to violence and death, the flying of confederate flags, and the call for the hanging of our Vice President is not enough to carry out an impeachment, I ask Sen. Cramer what is? I know it seems like an impossible ask, but for once, Sen. Cramer, I ask you to stand up for the democracy and our Constitution that you allegedly support, and to reserve words like ‘disgusting’ for your Twitter page and your political career that has given you personal wealth, but North Dakotans nothing.”