Will Cramer Advocate for ND Issues at Closed-Door Fundraiser or Spend His Time Begging for Campaign Help?

(BISMARCK, ND) – During their closed-door fundraiser, Congressman Cramer will have the opportunity to discuss issues of importance with the Vice President. We hope he takes the time to advocate for issues affecting North Dakotans every day – like Heidi does during her White House visits – rather than using the time to ask for more help from Washington to aid his campaign.

In case Cramer has forgotten what’s going on in his state, here’s a far-from-comprehensive list of what he could do to begin working on behalf of North Dakotans:

“We sincerely hope Congressman Cramer uses his time with the Vice President in a productive manner, advocating for issues important to North Dakotans, rather than begging for more campaign help from Washington, D.C. – but we’re not holding our breath.”