Hoeven wasn’t so concerned about Medicaid cuts after all

(BISMARCK, ND) – Last night, Senator Hoeven seemed to forget that the Better Care Reconciliation Act – Senate Republicans’ version of a “repeal and replace” bill – included nearly $800 billion in Medicaid cuts. He voted in favor of the bill, after saying just two weeks earlier he opposed it. Despite Hoeven’s vote in favor of passage, nine Republicans joined Democrats to vote the bill down.

Today, Senate Republicans tried to pass a “repeal and do nothing” measure, which would have cut Medicaid by even more: $842 billion. Once again, Hoeven voted in favor of the bill and, once again, the bill failed.

In response, Democratic-NPL spokesperson Daniel Tick issued the following statement:

“Oh, well. What’s another $42 billion in cuts to Medicaid? Maybe Senator Hoeven wasn’t so concerned about Medicaid cuts after all.

“Congressman Cramer made no secret about his support for the efforts to take health care away from tens of thousands of North Dakotans. But Senator Hoeven hid from the process as long as he could, until he was forced to take a vote. Unfortunately, Hoeven’s vote would be just as devastating as Cramer’s for the people of North Dakota.”