USPS Gives NoDak a ‘Heightened Warning’ for Mail-in Ballot Delays

BISMARCK, ND —North Dakota is one of the states that received a “Heightened Warning” for mail-in ballot delays from the United States Postal Service, according to recent news from The Washington Post. That warning means delays are expected to a degree that could disenfranchise voters in North Dakota. The 33 of 53 counties that relied on mail-in voting before the pandemic were primarily rural. The House is returning to Washington to investigate the slow-down influenced by the GOP mega-donor who was named Postmaster General. 

The president has said he refuses to compromise on COVID-19 relief if it includes support for the Post Office because he doesn’t want to increase mail-in voting, a right he takes advantage of himself. When asked by a reporter about the president’s confessed attempt to sabotage the Postal Service to suppress mail-in votes, North Dakota’s delegation defended the president and pointed fingers. Rep. Armstrong said he is on a relevant committee, but that they have done nothing to address long-standing needs facing USPS. 

The Democratic-NPL Party Chairwoman Kylie Oversen said:

“The U.S. Postal Service is vital to hard-working Americans who rely on it for so many critical services, including voting by mail. If we’re already being warned about mail-in delays for the November 3 election, what does that mean for our neighbors who rely on USPS for life-sustaining prescription drugs and to pay their bills on time right now?

USPS is a hallmark of America, and an essential government service. We need to defend it and fully fund it. Full stop. I’m calling on Sen. Kevin Cramer, Sen. John Hoeven, and Rep. Kelly Armstrong to step the heck up already and to stop playing the blame game. What are you doing to ensure your neighbors back home can continue to rely on USPS? What are you doing to ensure all Americans can cast their ballots, regardless of who they are voting for?”