UFFDA: Three Takeaways from Kevin Cramer’s White House Temper Tantrum

Kevin Cramer, call your office…

(BISMARCK, ND) — If you thought you’d seen Kevin Cramer come unglued before, think again. Once again proving his sole interest is promoting himself over getting results for North Dakotans, Kevin Cramer is now in a public feud with the White House because…he’s mad he’s not getting enough attention.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Kevin Cramer continued lashing out at the White House – throwing another embarrassing bitter temper tantrum and accusing the White House of everything from being responsible for GOP legislative failures to working with Senator Heitkamp because she’s a woman. Here are three things we learned:

  1. Kevin Cramer would rather throw bitter temper tantrums than get results for North Dakota. Instead of working to pass a strong Farm Bill – which recently failed in the House with his help – Cramer is picking petty political fights. He’s shown time and again that rather than being a serious legislator or standing up for North Dakota farmers and ranchers, he’d rather climb the political ladder.

  2. Kevin Cramer is burning bridges with the White House – continuing his feud with the president’s top legislative aide. Rather than owning the blame for the GOP’s shortcomings, Kevin Cramer is blaming the White House. And he’s picking public fights with President Trump’s top legislative aide – somebody who’d be a valuable ally to a Congressman interested in passing legislation. But that’s not Cramer.

  3. Kevin Cramer thinks President Trump is holding off on Senator Heitkamp because… she’s a woman. This bizarre theory speaks for itself and Cramer’s very thin skin.

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Washington Post: ‘It’s obscene’: GOP candidate seethes as Trump embraces Democratic senator

  • President Trump is aggressively campaigning for Republican Senate candidates around the country and belittling their Democratic rivals, with one notable exception — North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp.

  • Upset, Cramer contacted White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly to appeal for political help and traded warning shots with Trump’s legislative affairs director, Marc Short.

  • Cramer says he believes Trump is giving Heitkamp preferential treatment because she is a woman.

  • The tension between the White House and Cramer could have implications for GOP control of the Senate in November’s midterm elections and has exposed friction within the White House, pitting the legislative operation intent on securing the support of centrist Democrats against a political team determined to oust them.

  • Cramer’s unusual chat with Kelly occurred on June 1, two days after he had disparaged Short in a local radio interview, largely blaming him for the way the White House had treated him and questioning Short’s abilities.

  • This upset Short, who quickly brought the interview to the attention of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

  • “I think he’s better spending his time focused on his opponent than on a White House staffer who has zero percent name ID in North Dakota. But that’s up to him,” Short said in an interview.

  • Trump has made campaign stops in Indiana, Missouri and Tennessee in recent months, but he has not campaigned in North Dakota and has steered clear of mocking Heitkamp the way he has with other Democrats.