There He Goes Again: Just like in 2014, Cramer sets the stage to hold Farm Bill hostage over partisan provision

North Dakotans notice Cramer’s consistent betrayal of farmers and ranchers 

#TBT: Williston Herald excoriated Cramer for lack of leadership, politicizing Farm Bill in 2013

(BISMARCK, ND) – He’s at it again. Just like in 2014 when Cramer was roundly admonished by North Dakota media for his efforts that threatened to upend the Farm Bill over a politically divisive provision, Cramer set the stage this week to hold again hold the 2018 Farm Bill hostage over a partisan issue.

After rushing to take credit for the U.S. House Committee on Agriculture’s passage of the 2018 Farm Bill – which, having never been a member of the committee, he did not vote to pass – Cramer released a statement praising not the priorities for North Dakota farmers and producers, but a robust defense of the bill’s most controversial provision.

It’s been a rough few weeks for Cramer on Ag. Trying to convince farmers he’s fighting for their interests when he’s abandoned them to curry favor within his own party and the White House is no easy task. As the New York Times reported, North Dakota farmers and producers are well aware that he’s supporting the president’s devastating tariffs ahead their livelihoods.

“There he goes again – Kevin Cramer has never been there for North Dakota’s farmers and ranchers and, just like in 2014, he’s laying the groundwork to topple a strong Farm Bill over a political provision,” said Scott McNeil, Executive Director of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. “Farmers and ranchers need strong crop insurance programs, robust trade opportunities and solutions that address a tough commodities market – but time and again, Cramer has left them in the dust for more powerful buddies in his party and the White House. North Dakota farmers and producers won’t be fooled by his efforts to take credit for a bill passing in the House Ag committee – where he refuses to serve – and on Election Day, they won’t forget that he left them behind.”

Politicizing the Farm Bill is nothing new for Congressman Cramer – the Williston Herald editorial board took him to task for his lack of leadership during the last Farm Bill debate:

We feel Cramer needs to take a lesson from Hoeven and Sen. Heidi Heitkamp in how to wield influence.


He needs to make the farm bill his No. 1 priority, whether it is pushing to reconsider the House version or passing the Senate version. 


North Dakota voters have a history of electing candidates, not parties, and re-election is no guarantee for Cramer just because the vote is on his record.

They need to see real leadership, real influence and real fight in passing the farm bill.

Not just an under-whelming, uninspired “Yes” vote.

Meanwhile, Senator Heitkamp has always put North Dakota’s agriculture producers first – and ever since she was elected to the Senate, she’s served on the Agriculture Committee and helped push through a bipartisan Farm Bill. And when farmers and ranchers faced a devastating drought last summer, Heidi sat down and listened to their concerns. But she also got results – the Department of Agriculture heeded her call to increase staffing at FSA agencies, they expanded CRP lands and she successfully secured tax relief for farmers who suffered losses from the drought.