The Best “Volunteer” Job in America? Crooked Kevin Cramer Misleads About His Own Nepotism, Payments to Family Members

Crooked Cramer also subject to FEC complaint for misusing campaign funds for personal gain

(BISMARCK, ND) – Kevin Cramer definitely wants you to forget that he’s used his long career in politics to get rich. He’s now trying to fool North Dakotans – saying that his “family is involved on a volunteer basis in a very, very big way.” If that’s the case, it must be the best volunteer gig in America.

The fact is that Cramer and his family have gotten “very, very big” paychecks from their involvement in his political career. Cramer and his family have pocketed more than $375,000 during the past few years – a practice a leading ethics watchdog called “morally kind of sticky.” Former Senator Kent Conrad went even further – slamming Cramer for making “a virtual cottage industry out of his campaigns.”

“Crooked Kevin Cramer can’t lie his way out of this one – voters know that he’s a self-serving corrupt politician who has used his campaigns as a ‘get rich quick’ scheme for himself and his family,” said Scott McNeil, Executive Director of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. “The facts are clear – Cramer and his family have made more than $375,000 off of his career in politics and his net worth has nearly doubled since he went to Washington. You can’t drain the swamp without booting Cramer out of office.”