Terry Jones’ Wyoming Residency Considered By NoDak Supreme Court

BISMARCK, ND — The North Dakota Supreme Court today heard arguments on a petition showing that Terry Jones, running for reelection in legislative District 4, is ineligible to represent any legislative district in North Dakota. Kenton Onstad, a District 4 resident and Dem-NPL District 4 chair, filed the petition stating that Secretary of State Al Jaeger should remove Jones from the ballot.

As recently as this year, Jones was listed on state paperwork as registered agent of his business in Wyoming. Only Wyoming residents may be registered agents in Wyoming. North Dakota requires candidates to reside in the state for one year prior to being elected. The argument follows the recent precedent set by the North Dakota Supreme Court after the North Dakota Republican lawsuit to remove Travisia Martin, Dem-NPL candidate for insurance commissioner, from the ballot last month. Jones’ legislative phone number and fax machine have Wyoming area codes as well. He owns residential property in Wyoming.

The Dem-NPL has three candidates running in District 4, Thomasina Mandan and Hunter Andes for House and Lisa Finley-Deville for Senate, all who have deep ties to the district. Mandan and Finley-Deville are enrolled members of the Three Affiliated Tribes. Andes’ family has farmed in the region for generations.

The Democratic-NPL Party Communications Director Alex Rohr said:

“Terry Jones has repeatedly taken advantage of being a resident of Wyoming and has done so as recently as this year as the registered agent of the business that bears his name. He does not meet North Dakota’s residency requirement and must be removed from the ballot for the sake of election integrity and the rights of District 4 residents who deserve a representative who actually lives in their community.”