#TBT: Throwback Thursday to Kevin Cramer trashing the Senate, saying North Dakota needs him in the House

(BISMARCK, ND) – It wasn’t long ago – only a month or so – that Rep. Kevin Cramer was adamant that North Dakota’s interests were best served by him staying in the U.S. House of Representatives.
But now, the D.C. swamp and the political winds of opportunity, a guiding compass for Cramer, are calling his name. Despite months of purported soul searching – which initially led him to conclude he would best serve North Dakotans by remaining in the House – Cramer has now decided to listen to some…more persuasive voices. Voices like the Washington swamp elite and out-of-state political bosses.
“In a turnaround so fast it could give you whiplash, Cramer is now taking his cues from Mitch McConnell – putting what he deemed as best for North Dakotans on the backburner,” North Dakota Democratic-NPL Chairwoman Kylie Oversen said. “If Cramer jumps into the Senate race, North Dakotans will be reminded that he has always been in this career for himself, to rise in the political ranks and curry favor with the D.C. swamp while lining his own pockets with campaign contributions from out-of-state millionaires.”
For Throwback Thursday, let’s remind Cramer of his own words and remind North Dakotans that Cramer is only in this for himself:

#TBT: Cramer said he couldn’t be an effective member of Congress if he ran for Senate:

“And you could ask Rick Berg how effective you can be, you know, running for the Senate.”
“And so, I think when North Dakota only has one that one member of the House, it’s really important to consider what that member’s, you know, ability is and what, you know, what kind of capacity they have. What kind of clout they have. And given that, I think this is a really important thing for the state of North Dakota.”
“[T]here’s a strong patriotic case to be made and I’ve made it my own heart in my own head, that staying here is what’s best for the people that, after all, do hire me to represent them.” [KTGO-AM, 1/11/18] 

#TBT: Cramer said you can’t influence the upcoming Farm Bill if you’re running for Senate:

“So, a Farm Bill where I have many, you know, amendments and ideas that I’ve shared with the committee and the committee’s chairman and I want to see these things through. A fix for ARC for example, some conservation fixes. You can’t do that if you’re running for the Senate.” [KTGO-AM, 1/11/18]  

#TBT: Cramer said the best thing for North Dakota was to run for the House:

“We’ve decided that the best thing for our family, and for me, and I think frankly for North Dakota, is for me to seek re-election to the House of Representatives.” [KTGO-AM, 1/11/18]  

#TBT: Cramer said he’s on the most powerful committee in either the House or Senate:

“You know I’m on the most powerful committee in the United States Congress, either the House or the Senate. I’ve been on the steering committee. I’ve got, you know, some status that takes a long time to earn if you’re a new member and I feel like I’ve gotten there pretty quickly. So, it’s not like it’s not like it’s insignificant to give up the House seat either.” [WZFG, 11/22/17]

#TBT: Cramer said the House is much more productive than the Senate:

“Well because the House isn’t unimportant either. I mean on the one hand, yes, the House has been very productive, and the Senate is not.” [WZFG, 11/22/17]