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Despite Efforts From NDGOP, Affordable Care Act Upheld By Supreme Court

Bismarck, ND –  Yesterday the Supreme Court ended years of efforts to destroy North Dakotans, and Americans overall, healthcare as we know it. Despite efforts from NDGOP leaders including Senator John Hoeven and Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, the Supreme Court saw beyond their dedication to ripping away healthcare from those who need it most and secured the Affordable Care Act for the future.

Chairman Hart commented on the ruling

“What yesterday’s ruling showed is that despite the unwavering commitment from the NDGOP to taking away your healthcare, your neighbor’s healthcare, and weakening our communities through worse coverage at higher costs, they have failed. What the Affordable Care Act does is give our neighbors access to quality healthcare that won’t cost them an arm and a leg. North Dakotans look out and care for one another and we are grateful to the Supreme Court for protecting the ACA.”

Former Congressman Earl Pomero released a statement yesterday after the 7-2 ruling

“Today the Supreme Court once again rejected an effort to take health insurance coverage away from thousands of Dakotans and tens of millions of Americans. This defeat of the challenge to the Affordable Care Act means the protections so many now have against crushing health costs are secure. The Court overwhelmingly rejected the lawsuit by 20 states to strike down this law.” 

Pomeroy continued

“I strongly disagree with Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem putting North Dakota in on this effort which the Supreme Court rejected. He may have lost another lawsuit, but the people of North Dakota  won a great victory. Their Affordable Care Act coverage will not be taken away.”