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Nico Rios embraced by fellow Republicans after harassing police during DUI arrest

May 8, 2024

FARGO – The North Dakota Young Republicans announced several lawmakers who will be in attendance at their Spring Gala, notable among them is Representative Nico Rios. In December Rios was arrested for driving under the influence. During the arrest the Williston Republican hurled racist and homophobic slurs at police officers. Not only did the North Dakota Democratic-NPL call on him to resign, his own GOP district leadership did as well.

The NDGOP seems to have changed its tune, however, as the event highlights the opportunity to meet Rios alongside Senator Kevin Cramer, GOP Congressional Candidates Rick Becker and Alex Balasz, Public Service Commissioner Randy Christmann, and other Republican lawmakers.

North Dakota Democratic-NPL Chair Adam Goldwyn said, “The lack of accountability from North Dakota Republican Leadership is horrendous. From sexually assaulting minors to crooked real estate deals to homophobic and racist slurs, the Republican Party doesn’t just turn the other cheek, they embrace this behavior. If you want a party that respects the law, it’s time to vote for the Dem-NPL.”

Earlier this week Representative Claire Cory (R-Grand Forks) was also arrested for driving under the influence. On Thursday, Representative Jason Dockter (R-Bismarck) will be sentenced for his criminal conflict-of-interest charge.

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