February 8, 2023

Democratic-NPL Chair’s Statement regarding Racism at Recent Jamestown Basketball Game

The North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party Chair Patrick Hart issued the following statement today in response to racism displayed at a January 31 basketball game between Jamestown High School and Bismarck […]

February 6, 2023

North Dakota House Kills Bill to Raise Minimum Wage

On Friday, the North Dakota House killed a bill sponsored by Rep. LaurieBeth Hager (D-Fargo), which would have raised the state’s minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.00 an hour. Only […]

January 31, 2023

Democratic-NPL Lawmakers address School Lunch Funding

North Dakota Democrats introduce bills to ensure North Dakota students never go hungry at school. Representative LaurieBeth Hager (D-Fargo) introduced House Bill 1491 which would provide no cost school lunches […]

January 27, 2023

Democratic-NPL Senator Merrill Piepkorn Files Property Tax Relief Bill

Senator Merrill Piepkorn (D, Fargo) has introduced a much needed property tax relief bill, Senate Bill 2357. Piepkorn remarked, “By far, the number one issue people in my district are concerned […]

January 3, 2023

Democratic-NPL Lawmakers Respond to State of the State Address

In response to Governor Burgum’s State of the State address, North Dakota Democratic-NPL lawmakers made the following statement: House Minority Leader Josh Boschee said, “While we agree that North Dakota […]

December 13, 2022

As Biden signs Respect for Marriage Act into law, Dem-NPL Legislators react

Today, President Biden signed the bipartisan Respect for Marriage Act into law. This law builds on generations of civil rights advocacy to bring stability and security to millions of LGBTQ+ […]

December 7, 2022

Dem-NPL Legislators Say Governor’s Budget a Good Start in Some Areas, Falls Short in Others

The House and Senate Democratic-NPL Caucus was pleased to hear several of the proposals suggested by Governor Doug Burgum during his budget address but said many areas fell short. “Now […]

Democratic-NPL Leaders Applaud Mac Schneider on Confirmation to U.S. Attorney Spot

Today, former North Dakota Senate Minority leader McLain (Mac) Schneider was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to fill the position of U.S. Attorney for the District of North Dakota. North […]

December 4, 2022

Dobervich awarded Democratic Person of the Year

Cass County Democratic Women Plus awarded Rep. Gretchen Dobervich Democratic Person of the Year. Dobervich remarked, “This is a really unexpected honor to receive from my friends in the Cass […]

November 9, 2022

Mark Schneider Leaves Political Legacy

A well-known and well-loved leader of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL party died on election day, November 8, leaving behind a family political legacy, according to members of the party who knew him well.​ […]