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Dem-NPL Endorses Katrina Christiansen for U.S. Senate

April 6, 2024

FARGO – The North Dakota Democratic-NPL has endorsed Katrina Christiansen for U.S. Senate.

“She’s running to win!” said Former Agricultural Commissioner Sarah Vogel, who nominated Christiansen.

“Some people have written off this race — me, a Democrat, a woman, winning a US Senate seat in North Dakota. But those people don’t know me. They don’t know that every hurdle I have encountered in my life is not a roadblock, but a problem to be solved,” remarked Christiansen. She added that her campaign has already raised half a million dollars.

Christiansen emphasized, “Where we defend social security and medicare from vulture capitalists looking to privatize and cut our nation’s safety nets. Our story is better when we restore reproductive rights, when we address the cost of childcare, higher ed, and housing. When we take a balanced approach to securing our border, stopping gun violence and protecting our national security. Our story is better when we lead with solutions like passing a farm bill that doesn’t leave success up to luck.”

Christiansen has rural roots. She graduated high school as valedictorian in Pender, a town of 1,200 people in northeast Nebraska, and has a PhD in Agricultural Engineering. Christiansen has worked as an agricultural engineer and professor.

Laura Dronen
Communications Director
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Sen. Cramer’s Language is Inexcusable

(BISMARCK, ND) – Sen. Kevin Cramer recently tweeted a derogatory word that has long been considered damaging to people with disabilities and to common decency.

The North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party Chairwoman Kylie Oversen released the following statement condemning the language and Cramer’s attempt at an excuse:

“The use of this word is hurtful, completely disrespectful, and there is no way that it was a mistake. Either he used it intentionally or it is a word the senator uses often enough that his phone has it saved. It is entirely unacceptable for anyone, let alone an elected official, to use this word in any context.”


North Dakota Senators Must Fulfill Their Oath and Vote for a Fair Trial

January 21, 2020


With the impeachment trial of the President under way, the North Dakota Democratic-NPL released the following statement:

North Dakota Democratic-NPL legislators routinely work across the aisle with their Republican colleagues to do the people’s business in Bismarck. North Dakotans expect our representatives in Washington, D.C. to do the same.

As jurors in the president’s impeachment trial, Senators John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer took an oath of impartiality, a vow to abandon partisan politics and follow the truth wherever it leads. But so far, the Senate is rushing through one of the most important trials in American history without a plan to hear witness testimony directly relevant to charges against the president.

Since its founding, the Senate has held 15 impeachment trials. Each time, both sides had the opportunity to present witnesses and evidence because everyone deserves a fair trial, and no one is above the law. A North Dakota jury would promise no less.

But with the trial officially beginning today, it remains unclear if Hoeven and Cramer will entirely abandon their oath. With the trial ongoing and impending votes on the procedural rules, Senators Hoeven and Cramer have the power and the duty to protect the integrity of our democracy and of our Country. North Dakotans deserve representatives who fulfill the oaths they take. We call on Senators Cramer and Hoeven to do the right thing and vote for fairness.