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Dem-NPL Platform demonstrates stark contrast from divisive NDGOP’s

April 8, 2024

FARGO – “The North Dakota Democratic-NPL convention was one of unity and inclusion,” said Democratic-NPL Chair Adam Goldwyn

The NDGOP affirmed all but one of its controversial resolutions. Leading up to the convention, the North Dakota Republican Party was plagued with infighting members trading homophobic insults. They spent nearly three hours squabbling over blocking their own delegates from participating. Today on News and Views on KFGO the NDGOP candidate for Superintendent couldn’t even say if he thinks Muslims should be allowed to teach in public school teachers.

Among the resolutions from the NDGOP

-Eliminate gay marriage while urging the attorney general to protect any religious center that discriminates against gay marriage

-Block protections for LGBTQ communities

-Enact harmful “school choice” programs diverting taxpayer dollars from public schools to fund unregulated and unlicensed private and homeschool programs

Goldwyn continued, “What we saw from the North Dakota Republican Convention was not very North Dakota Nice. If you are disaffected by the vitriol and chaos from the, come on over to the Dem-NPL, the water here’s fine.”

The Chair of the Democratic-NPL Platform Committee Charlene Rawson said, “Ours is an examination of what freedom is really all about.” Earlier this year, the North Dakota Democratic-NPL adopted a bylaws change to make the Platform Committee a standing committee that will meet throughout the year to adapt to an ever-changing political landscape.

Highlights of the Democratic-NPL Platform

-“The Dem-NPL advocates for unambiguous state laws affirming In Vitro Fertilization practices by medical providers in the state, holding clear freedom-from-prosecution any person involved in IVF protocols, which necessarily include the destruction of certain fertilized embryos, the selective abortion of multiple successful implantations, and the medical care afforded pregnant persons consistent with contemporary medical science”

-“The Dem-NPL supports restoring the state retirement and pension program that provided a defined benefit plan for teachers and public employees; and supports maintaining separate retirement systems for public employees (PERS) and educators (TFFR), in addition to keeping them as a defined benefit plan.”

-“The Dem-NPL opposes all efforts to privatize Social Security; and to strengthen Social Security, the Dem-NPL supports an increase, in, or the elimination of, the cap on taxable earnings for Social Security taxes. The Dem-NPL opposes all efforts to weaken Medicare.”

-“The Dem-NPL recognizes proper nutrition as a requirement for physical development and learning and supports fully funded hot lunches for all public-school students through grade 12, fully funded milk programs for elementary school students, and funded alternative lunches for medically-required diet and cultural restrictions.”

-“We support full funding for all public-school districts, including providing universal early childhood education and the expansion of Head Start, English Language Learners, and job training for all New Americans and immigrants.”

-“The Dem-NPL asserts “the trigger” law, passed in 2013 with additional restrictions on abortion passed in 2023, stand contrary to the American values of freedom and liberty and should be repealed.”

-“The Dem-NPL strenuously objects to the culture of fear and exclusion accelerated by members of the North Dakota legislature. In the last legislative session, 21 discriminatory bills were introduced with the intent of targeting LGBTQ+ and depriving these North Dakotans of common liberties to which we all should enjoy.”

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