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North Dakota Democratic-NPL Chair admonishes Alabama IVF ruling

February 23, 2024

FARGO – This week, three health care clinics across the state of Alabama paused in vitro fertilization treatment over fears of prosecution following a ruling from the Alabama Supreme Court that put access to IVF at risk. With North Dakota’s draconian anti-abortion laws, many have expressed concern about the fate IVF here.

Democratic-NPL Chair Adam Gowlwyn remarked, “For many North Dakotans struggling to start the family they’ve dreamed of having, IVF is a miracle. This attack on IVF is a direct result of Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justices overturning Roe v. Wade. Last year, North Dakota was on the forefront of some of the most intrusive legislation when it came to personal medical decisions like gender affirming care and abortion. We know that the forced-birthers of the ND Republican lawmakers are going to come for IVF here next, and eventually all other forms of contraception as well. Democrats, as always, stand for individual liberty and freedom—the freedom to make medical decisions with your doctor, not have them dictated to you by legislators.”

Laura Dronen
Communications Director
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