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Chair Oversen Releases Statement on President Biden’s 100 Days in Office.

Bismarck, ND –  Dem-NPL Chair Kylie Oversen released the following statement on President Biden’s first hundred days in office.

“North Dakotans are grateful to have a leader in the White House. A leader that champions working class families and cherishes our shared values as Americans. When President Biden took the oath of office, there was a shroud of darkness cast over the country with most of us still reeling from a violent insurrection, but still we as a nation pressed forward under his administration’s guidance.

“Now the results are demonstrable. In just 100 days we have seen a robust commitment to ending the COVID-19 pandemic with more than 200 million shots being given to Americans and $1,400 checks – that both North Dakota Senators opposed – going to help support small business owners, teachers, and working class North Dakotans.

“As we move beyond President Biden’s first 100 days, the writing is on the wall for Republicans like Senators Hoeven and Cramer who stand in the way of progress for North Dakotans; get in or get out of the way. The momentum and popularity that President Biden’s agenda has is unmatched in history. Americans are ready for the American Jobs Plan to give us good paying, union jobs. North Dakotans are ready for the American Families Plan, which will aggressively invest in our children and their futures. There is no time to waste and we at Dem-NPL look forward to the fight and bright future to come.”