Shot/Chaser: Cryin’ Cramer whines to White House about their cooperation with Heidi, Trump compliments Heidi at bill signing

(BISMARCK, ND) – There’s a good chance Kevin Cramer is “irked,” “rankled” and “frustrated” again today. Just after he whined to the White House about their cooperation with Senator Heidi Heitkamp, President Trump thanked her for her work across the aisle to bring relief to community banks and credit unions.





Read more about Cryin’ Cramer’s tantrum below:

Washington Examiner: Kevin Cramer wants more help from Trump to beat Heidi Heitkamp

  • But Cramer, heavily recruited by Trump, has been irked by the close cooperation between Heitkamp and the White House on some major issues. Cramer wants the president to provide a more demonstrable show of support for his candidacy in North Dakota, along the lines of a fundraiser or rally.

  • Heitkamp has delivered crucial votes for Trump nominees for secretary of state and CIA director. The senator also worked with Republicans and the White House to pass legislation easing regulations on community and regional banks. The bill would have died in the Senate absent the votes of centrist Democrats.

  • Ask Heitkamp about her collaboration with the White House and she sounds eager to publicize it. “I always say, when I agree with the president, I love working with him. When I disagree, I’m going to let him know why I disagree,” Heitkamp said during a brief interview. “It’s not just the president, but his entire administration that we’ve been able to work with on a number of issues.”

  • Multiple Republican sources said the White House flirtation with Heitkamp, as a key Democrat the president can woo on some close votes, has rankled the congressman. “He’s frustrated they are sweet-talking Heitkamp for her votes,” a Republican insider said.