Dem-NPL response to Sen. Hoeven’s vote to proceed on repealing health care for tens of thousands of NDans

(BISMARCK, ND) – Responding to Senator Hoeven’s vote in favor of a procedural motion to advance the health care repeal bill Congressman Cramer helped pass in May, Democratic-NPL chairperson Kylie Oversen issued the following statement:

“Today, Senator Hoeven voted to move forward with the same bill Congressman Cramer helped author and pass in May – a bill that would kick tens of thousands of North Dakotans off their health insurance, increase insurance premiums by 20 percent or more, and force rural hospitals in communities like ours to scale back their services or possibly shutter their doors. With his vote to proceed, Sen. Hoeven showed that he shares Rep. Cramer’s disregard for the voices of thousands of North Dakotans in every corner of our state who have spoken out to protect health care for our families.  

“As we’ve said from the beginning, our federal representatives must show real leadership and a commitment to doing the hard work of governing and fighting for the people of North Dakota – which includes working across the aisle. This has been Sen. Heitkamp’s priority since Day One. We strongly call on Sen. Hoeven to join Sen. Heitkamp at the negotiating table, setting aside irresponsible efforts to dismantle Medicaid, keeping in place protections for patients with preexisting conditions, and working in a bipartisan fashion to improve our health care system.”