Schneider pledges loyalty to North Dakota, “no-nonsense” campaign on kitchen table issues

Grand Forks – North Dakota congressional candidate Mac Schneider today issued the below statement:
I want to congratulate Kelly Armstrong on securing the GOP nomination for U.S. House in Grand Forks today. While I understand the contest could possibly continue through the June primary, what is certain is that North Dakotans will have a clear choice between two candidates for Congress in November.
We have seen those competing for the GOP nod for the U.S. House attempt to outdo each other in terms of who will be more loyal to the administration. My highest loyalties, on the other hand, are to the people of North Dakota and to the United States Constitution.

I will gladly work with the administration on priorities like rolling back regulations that negatively impact our farmers and ranchers as well as strengthening our military. But I will also forcefully oppose any policy change that threatens North Dakota’s economy or our way of life.
This means working with Democrats and Republicans to reverse course on the administration’s trade policies, which if carried out could threaten the very heart of production agriculture in North Dakota. It also means opposing Nancy Pelosi in favor of a new generation of leadership that will pull up the stakes on the partisan circus and restore a focus on kitchen table issues that North Dakotans care about – jobs, balancing the budget, and preserving Social Security and Medicare.

I will run a no-nonsense campaign on these issues. I look forward to engaging with my opponent as we compete for the trust of North Dakotans from now into November.