Republicans Surrender to Covid-19 as Virus Rages in North Dakota 

BISMARCK, ND — On Sunday, President Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said “we are not going to control the pandemic” as North Dakota’s COVID-19 death toll continues rising and the state’s hospitals are pushed to capacity. Meadows’ CNN interview signaled defeat by the virus much of the world has slowed or at least partly contained. The U.S. Senate has also refused to move forward with an updated public health and economic relief package. The House passed two bills that have not received a vote in the Senate.

The Democratic-NPL Party Chairwoman Kylie Oversen said:

“Gov. Burgum spent much of his last press conference asking other North Dakotans to lead, a strong signal he’s not equipped for the job and doesn’t even want it anymore. Now, we’re seeing the White House surrender while their own staff faces an outbreak. Our senators haven’t even tried to reach a compromise across the aisle, so workers and small businesses can know their futures are secure and their families are safe. The true test of leadership is how you handle a crisis, and the North Dakota Republicans are showing they aren’t up to the task.”