April 11th, 2019

Representative Mitskog’s Bill to Reduce Teenage Vaping Approved
(BISMARCK, ND) – House Bill 1477 was signed by the Governor on April 9th, introduced by Representative Mitskog (D-Wahpeton.) The bill imposes a $500 fine for selling each individual package of flavored “e-liquid product” or electronic smoking device containing the liquid to minors.  “We need to do whatever we can to address the epidemic of ‘vaping’ among teenagers,” Mitskog said.A North Dakota survey showed an increase from 19 to 21 percent in e-cigarette use while smoking rates dropped to 12.6 percent.

The concern is that youth who start vaping are more likely to continue or switch to smoking. The products are illegal to sell or provide to someone under age 18 but are marketed with candy flavors (such as chocolate chip cookie) that appeal to youth.

Vaping is such a new trend that not many studies have been done, but a recent finding was that e-cigarette use can form a potent carcinogen in the oral cavity, which is believed to contribute to esophageal and oral cancer.