Cramer, Hoeven both support plan to ‘repeal and do nothing’

CBO says ‘repeal and do nothing’ would result in 32m uninsured Americans; up 10m from ‘repeal and replace’

(BISMARCK, ND) – It’s official. North Dakota’s Rep. Kevin Cramer and Sen. John Hoeven both publicly stated their support for the staggeringly irresponsible plan to “repeal and do nothing” on health care.  

Speaking on KNOX 1310 AM this morning, Rep. Cramer said: “The simplicity of a straight repeal is really the better way to go.”

On KVLY-TV last night, Sen. Hoeven was asked: “The vote that’s coming up next week, are you a Yes for that vote?” Hoeven responded: “I’m a Yes on that. As a matter of fact, we voted on that two years ago.”

In a report yesterday, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said the Republican “repeal and do nothing” bill would take health coverage away from 32 million Americans, an increase of 10 million uninsured Americans over the “repeal and replace” bill. In North Dakota, tens of thousands of individuals could lose coverage, either because they would no longer have access to Medicaid or because their insurance premiums would double over the next decade.

Senator Hoeven previously said he would have voted against the Senate’s “repeal and replace” bill, but only after it became obvious that the bill lacked the votes needed to pass.

“It doesn’t matter which version of repeal we’re talking about – every proposal would effectively end Medicaid expansion, rip health coverage away from tens of thousands of North Dakotans, and price even more families out of the insurance market,” said Democratic-NPL spokesperson Daniel Tick. “As every major medical organization has said, these proposals aren’t just bad policy; they’re downright harmful. Now, more than ever, Rep. Cramer and Sen. Hoeven need to hear from the thousands of North Dakotans who are raising their voices in support of protecting our health care. They’ll only listen if we keep calling.”