QUICK CLIP: Cramer Questions Whether Sexual Assault Is Disqualifying

(BISMARCK, ND) – Last night, Kevin Cramer tripled down on his insensitive comments regarding sexual assault. WATCH below:

Cramer: They Were Young And Drunk

BERG: So at that point, had you seen her actual statement?


BERG: It never said she was drunk in it.

CRAMER: Well she admits she’s a 15-year old that had been drinking at a party that- I mean, how many 15-year-olds handle a lot of alcohol, you know, 36 years ago? When it wasn’t that common, by the way, Chris. 36 years ago it wasn’t that common for 15-year-olds to be at booze parties.

Cramer: “My Point Is That There Was No Type Of Intercourse Or Anything Like That”

BERG: But to be fair, you say, and I quote, ‘Nothing evidently happened in it all, in it at all, even by her own accusation.’ But in her own statement, she says, ‘Kavanaugh was on top of me. He was laughing. He pushed me into the room.’ She tried to- She doesn’t say it here, but Kavanaugh’s hand was over her mouth. He was trying to undress her. I think most people would say something definitely happened.

CRAMER: Right. That I get. My point was is that there was no type of intercourse or anything like that. That was my point, that nothing happened in terms of a sexual event beyond obviously the attempt.

Cramer: “Even If It Is All True, Does It Disqualify Him?”

CRAMER: But, what of 36 years of a record where there’s nothing like that again, but instead there’s a record of a perfect gentleman, of an intellect, of a stellar judge, a guy who’s, you know, been in front of, what, he’s had 300 cases in front of him and hasn’t had a misstep. Even if it is all true, does it disqualify him? It certainly means that he did something really bad 36 years ago, but does it disqualify him from the Supreme Court?