Praise for Dem-NPL Legislators

May 29th, 2019

Praise for Dem-NPL Legislators
(BISMARCK, ND) – Since the end of the 66th legislative session, constituents from all over the state have been writing in to express their gratitude for legislators. Democratic-NPL legislators have worked across the aisle to provide better mental health services, support education, protection those with pre-existing conditions, and to build an economy that works for all.District 11: Senator Tim Mathern and Representatives Gretchen Dobervich and Ron Guggisberg were praised for their productive session focusing on social justice and common sense legislation.
District 12: Senator John Grabinger was thanked by a constituent for sponsoring legislation that will help future generations address mental health issues.
District 18: Representative Corey Mock was grateful to hear from a recent college grad for fixing a small financial aid loophole that shortchanges hard-working students.
District 20: Representative Rick Holman was praised for offering an amendment that would protect the insurance of North Dakotans with pre-existing conditions.
District 21: An emotional letter thanks Senator Kathy Hogan and other Democrats that fought for better mental health services for the state.
District 26: Senator Jim Dotzenrod gets a thank you for recognizing the fact that North Dakota’s agriculture industry has been the state’s top economic driver and deserves the support of our lawmakers.
District 27: The constituents of Representative Ruth Buffalo recognize that she is a standup advocate that truly cares about connecting with voters and fighting for issues that matter.
District 35:  Senator Erin Oban was praised for her understanding of the challenges teachers face and her unwavering advocacy for K-12 education.