NOTHING TO SEE HERE: Cramer Tries Masking His Plan to Cut Social Security, Medicare

(BISMARCK, ND) – Kevin Cramer is desperately trying to convince North Dakotans that he won’t destroy their Social Security and Medicare, using weasel words to mask his intention to gut these vital programs. Unfortunately for him, his election-year spin won’t work on North Dakotans.

In an op-ed yesterday, Cramer said he doesn’t want to “cut benefits for people currently receiving Social Security or Medicare benefits or for anyone over the age of 55” – but he makes no mention of those North Dakotans who have paid into the program for decades but are 54 years old or younger.

And in last week’s debate, Cramer unequivocally stated that “everything [is] on the table” when it comes to making changes to Social Security.

See the previous times Cramer has called for making changes to these earned benefits.

  1. In an interview with the Jamestown Sun, Cramer advocated for raising the retirement age and making cuts to programs like Medicare.
  2. In a town hall sponsored by AARP, Cramer made clear his plans to make cuts to North Dakotans’ hard-earned retirement funds, saying, “President Trump – ironically, here’s one of the areas that he and I don’t agree on. He will not touch – he promised not to touch Social Security.”
  3. Later that same week, Cramer doubled down, saying, “he [President Trump] has pledged not to deal with Social Security and Medicare. I think that’s a mistake.”
  4. Cramer also said he was “encourag[ed]” by Mitch McConnell’s desire to cut Social Security and Medicare.