North Democratic-NPL Chair Concerned Statement on the Supreme Court Taking Up Abortion Medication Case

FARGO, ND – North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party Chair Adam Goldwyn released the following statement in response to the Supreme Court taking up the Fifth Circuit’s decision on mifepristone—a safe and effective medication prescribed by doctors to administer more than half of the abortions in the United States and manage miscarriages:

“North Dakotans who need an abortion already face enormous hurdles. Our draconian laws—which most North Dakotans oppose—force women to travel out of state to seek care.

If the Supreme Court restricts access to this abortion medication—which is safe and effective—it will be a continued attack by Trump and Republican lawmakers to strip away reproductive rights across America. The GOP is doubling down on their extreme war on our freedoms and promising to go further. Make no mistake—Women’s reproductive rights and freedoms are at stake in 2024. While Republicans claim to be the party of less government and individual liberty, they pass laws that put the most intimate and personal decisions in our lives in the hands of politicians. The Democratic Party believes medical decisions should be between doctors and patients, not Donald Trump.”

President Biden and Vice President Harris will protect a woman’s right to choose, and they have a record of:

Calling on Congress to codify the protections of Roe into law, restoring rights women relied on for nearly 50 years.

-Standing by the FDA’s evidence-based approval of mifepristone — and the Biden-Harris administration will continue to defend the FDA’s independent, expert authority to review, approve, and regulate a wide range of prescription drugs.

Fighting to ensure access to emergency medical care.

-Strengthening patient privacy and access to contraception.

-Supporting a woman’s right to travel for medical care.

Promising to veto a national abortion ban.


December 14, 2023


Laura Dronen

Communications Director

(701) 566-0616

[email protected]