North Dakota Legislators and Legislative Candidates React to Supreme Court Decision overturning Roe vs. Wade

Bismarck, ND – Democratic-NPL Legislators and Legislative Candidates reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision to Overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Rep. Karla Rose Hanson of Fargo said, “By rolling back abortion rights at the federal level, the court is giving state legislatures the power to determine a pregnant person’s rights. Many states, including North Dakota, will immediately curtail these rights. Such extreme abortion restrictions are yet another example of Republican overreach. People should be able to make deeply personal decisions about when and whether to have a family without interference from lawmakers.”

Megan Edwardson, a ND House candidate in Fargo, said, “A woman’s right to choose has been legal precedent since 1973 and overturning its decision is detrimental to women’s healthcare. A woman’s decision on abortion should always be between her and her doctor, and I will fight for policies that support a woman’s right to choose, always.”

“I know what it’s like not to have a choice. Not to have a choice when you are victimized; as a child, a young girl, a young woman and as an adult. I am the survivor of incest and rape. I know what it’s like to fight against my assailants and be left defeated, broken, ashamed and powerless. I know the shock and pain of losing an unexpected child to miscarriage, to endure a procedure for the preservation of my life, and I know the isolation it all leaves behind. The very idea that Roe may be struck down weakens my knees. All the trigger-laws that will fall in line with such an act pulls me into moments of silent prayer for women and girls.” expressed ND House Candidate Lillian Jones of Fargo.

“Women should make their own decisions about what healthcare is best for them. That’s their right. But today’s Supreme Court decision lets politicians in Bismarck and Washington interfere with these private healthcare decisions. I believe that’s wrong, and I will stand against efforts to further erode our fundamental rights here in North Dakota.” Representative Zac Ista of Grand Forks stated.

“I remember when abortion was illegal. It still happened. Passing a law does end abortion. It just makes wealthier women travel out of states or to another country for safe, private health care while poor women resort to unsafe procedures because it is illegal.” remarked Senator Tracy Potter of Bismarck.

In 2014, North Dakota rejected a measure that would have completely banned abortions with over 64% of the vote. The North Dakota Democratic-NPL stands with a woman’s intrinsic right to make their own, personal health care decisions without the interference of the government. We will continue to fight for that right, and to push for investments in health care, child care, and food security that truly protect life.