North Dakota Democratic-NPL Supports the Biden-Harris Administration’s American Rescue Plan

BISMARCK, ND — As our state approaches one year since the first positive COVID-19 case was reported, the Democratic-NPL is calling on Congressman Armstrong, Senator Hoeven, and Senator Cramer to pledge their support for the American Rescue Plan, which will provide essential economic relief to North Dakotans, including:

  • $1,400 direct relief checks on top of $600 checks previously approved for a total of $2,000 in direct aid
  • Additional support for small businesses – which the NDGOP refused to provide
  • Enhanced unemployment benefits
  • Extended federal eviction moratorium and aid to low and moderate income households out of work – something the Dem-NPL called on the Governor to implement last year
  • Funding for vaccines, testing, and schools, which will speed up our recovery from the public health crisis and allow us to build back our economy better


An overwhelming majority of Americans, across party lines, approve of President Biden’s coronavirus response according to a recent Gallup poll. Providing aid to families, businesses, and communities is critical, as many North Dakotans continue to feel the harsh impacts from the Pandemic.


Democratic-NPL Executive Director, Michael Taylor said:

“The American Rescue Plan is a non-partisan issue that will provide Americans and North Dakotans with necessary relief in the short-term, while also ensuring long-term public health improvements and economic growth. When we see families struggling to make ends meet, and businesses struggling to keep workers employed, we don’t ask what their party affiliation is. We set politics aside, because when times are tough, we all must come together to create positive solutions. We call on our federal delegation to set aside petty partisan differences and support the people of our state.”