NEW: Washington GOP Continuing to Sabotage Health Care – Will Cramer Stand Up for ND?

(BISMARCK, ND) – Today rules were finalized to expand skimpy, short-term health plans – the kind that don’t protect coverage for pre-existing conditions like asthma, diabetes, or depression and that the CBO has estimated would cause premiums to rise. These plans have been criticized by health advocacy groups and insurance companies because they have “the potential to harm consumers, both by making comprehensive coverage more expensive and by leaving some consumers unaware of the risks of these policies.”

It’s a reminder that Kevin Cramer pushed for a hyper-partisan health care agenda that could have harmed those with pre-existing conditions by increasing the cost of their care, imposed an age tax on older North Dakotans, and spiked health care costs.

Last week, the Dem-NPL launched Google search ads to remind North Dakotans about Cramer’s dangerous health care agenda and how, if it had passed, they would be paying the price. Read more here.