NEW AD: “Empty Promises” Spotlights Cramer’s Empty Health Care Promises

(BISMARCK, ND) – Today the ND Dem-NPL released a new digital ad, “Empty Promises,” to hold Kevin Cramer accountable for his empty promises to protect North Dakotans with pre-existing conditions. The ad will run statewide through Election Day as part of a dedicated five-figure digital buy on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The ad was first reported by National Journal.

WATCH “Empty Promises

“Kevin Cramer can spout off election-year spin all he wants, but he can’t hide from his record of repeatedly voting to undermine the current health care law and jeopardizing coverage for folks with pre-existing conditions,” said Courtney Rice, Press Secretary for the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. “From voting to gut vital patient protections to accusing folks with pre-existing conditions of abusing the system, Cramer has made one thing clear: he doesn’t care about North Dakotans’ health care.”


Cramer voted five times to repeal the current health care law without a replacement. This would have gotten rid of vital patient protections and could have caused costs to skyrocket for North Dakotans with pre-existing conditions. [March 21, 2013; May 16, 2013; September 20, 2013; March 25, 2015; February 2, 2016]

Cramer voted for the AHCA which would have increased health care costs for folks with pre-existing conditions, making coverage unattainable for many.

HEADLINE: The Hill: CBO predicts some with pre-existing conditions will lose coverage under GOP plan

The Hill: “A new provision in the GOP healthcare bill would lead to people with pre-existing conditions being charged much more for coverage.”

Politifact: “Insurers would be able to charge people significantly more if they had a pre-existing condition.”

HEADLINE: Kaiser Family Foundation: Analysis: 6.3 Million People with Pre-Existing Conditions Would Be at Risk for Higher Premiums under the House’s Health Bill

Politifact: “[Cramer’s] votes jeopardize coverage as it stands for pre-existing conditions […] coverage for many would be unattainable.”

Washington Post: Three Pinocchios for Cramer claim that the Republican House bill prevented price discrimination against folks with pre-existing conditions.

Cramer accused those with pre-existing conditions of trying to “game” and “abuse” the system. [KVLY, 5/2/17]