NDGOP Leaders Fail to Hold Reps Accountable for Hate-Posting

BISMARCK, ND — Within only a week two NDGOP representatives were caught posting hateful memes to their social media feeds. Rep. Rick Becker compared Black Lives Matter to the KKK, and stood by his post in media reports. Rep. Jim Kasper posted racist and sexist memes, including one calling Sen. Kamala Harris a “hoe.” Kasper said he was hacked, the same excuse he made in January after posting similar content. He provided no evidence, but Republican leadership backed the ridiculous excuse. NDGOP leaders have been silent on Becker. 

The NDGOP House Caucus and all NDGOP leaders must denounce Becker and Kasper who have not even hinted at an apology. Kasper’s running mate, Rep. Shannon Roers Jones, is the House Majority Caucus Leader. 

The Democratic-NPL Party Chairwoman Kylie Ovesen said:

“You can’t say you’re pro-life and pro-liberty and not want to work against the inequity and injustice that black Americans are still facing after centuries. Rep. Kasper made up a lazy excuse and Rep. Becker is standing by his post. The rest of the NDGOP leaders seem resigned to stand by and do nothing. We’re calling on NDGOP leaders to denounce them, and show they believe in a North Dakota that works for all.”