NDGOP Effort To Maintain Spread Of COVID-19 Passes

Bismarck, ND – At a time when North Dakota is seeing coronavirus cases jump 53% over the last 14 days, the radical Republican-led legislature is leaving North Dakotans across the state on their own as this virus continues to rage. One of the bill’s biggest champions was none other than predatory abuser Luke Simons. Considering that the NDGOP had to be pressured into removing Simons from office – in spite of long-documented allegations regarding his disgusting actions against women – how can they expect North Dakotans to trust their judgment on public safety?

Today, we see once again that the priority of this legislature is to ignore the evidence and put North Dakotans further at risk. The NDGOP is so fixated on passing legislation that demonstrably worsens our lives that even Governor Burgum, who spearheaded the worst COVID-19 response in the world, has been made submissive to the whims of his own party.

Democratic-NPL Party Chair Kylie Oversen responded to today’s vote:

“We have seen how resilient North Dakotans can be during the course of this pandemic. Communities have come together, showing gratitude for friends and family for doing their part, and supporting grocery stores, schools, hospitals, and small businesses. We have kept our commitment to beating this virus while sharing a smile from behind our masks because that’s what North Dakotans do. We fight for our families, for our communities and for our way of life.” 

Oversen continued: 

“What the NDGOP did today was double down on the rejection of facts, and evidence, and have put people at an increased risk of catching this deadly illness. We will not overcome this pandemic by sticking our heads in the sand as further lives are lost.”