NDGOP Conspiracy Theories Encouraged the Attempted Coup on the Capitol

BISMARCK, ND — Today, an angry mob is attempting a coup at the United States Capitol in an attack on the free and fair election won by President-elect Joe Biden. The attack corresponds with some Republican members of Congress attempting to undo the election during what is normally a procedural vote. While the North Dakota Republican delegation was not party to this attempt, they have repeated the same baseless conspiracy theories that were thrown out of court more than 60 times since the election for entirely lacking evidence. One case included support from Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem. NDGOP elected officials held at least one rally in North Dakota with the same message heard in Washington today.

The Democratic-NPL Executive Director Michael Taylor said:

“Since after it became clear that President-elect Biden won the presidency, North Dakota Republicans have amplified debunked lies and conspiracy theories that threaten the very fabric of the Republic. The result is what we are seeing today in Washington, an angry mob invading the United States Capitol in an apparent coup attempt that put senators, including our delegation at risk. We truly hope Sen. Cramer, Sen. Hoeven, and Rep. Armstrong, their congressional colleagues, staffers, and the many employees who work there every day are safe. 

But every single Republican who shouted about widespread fraud for which they have absolutely no evidence stoked the fire that is now exploding. We urge them to return to the world of facts, and use this frightening occurrence to help President-elect Biden bring the country together, rather than to continue tearing us apart.”