ND AG COMMUNITY: Cramer Choosing Political Ambitions with “Blind Allegiance” to Trump Tariffs Over North Dakota Farmers is Unacceptable

Trump’s Tariffs would be disastrous for agriculture producers. So why is Kevin Cramer still going along with them?

(BISMARCK, ND) – Kevin Cramer is still more worried about his own political career than North Dakotans, refusing to stand up to President Trump on his disastrous tariffs that could devastate North Dakota’s farmers. And his self-serving, cowardly support for a potential trade war has not gone unnoticed by North Dakotans who know our state deserves a strong advocate in the Senate.

He’s already been called out in the Bismarck Tribune for his lack of loyalty to North Dakota’s farmers, but Cramer still isn’t getting the message: It’s time to put your political ambitions aside and stand with North Dakota, not Washington big-shots and their detrimental trade policies.

This week, Kevin got another reminder from farmer and former State RepresentativeBenjamin Vig in the Fargo Forum:

  • Cramer is wrong to embrace the Trump tariffs as they are going to have a serious negative impact on middle America and looking at the economic numbers, we cannot afford a set back.

  • Whether it is soybeans, corn, or livestock, our family farmers and ranchers deliver. For the last 10 years, agriculture has been a bright spot in the American economy, showing steady growth with increasing market access. The markets come in many forms, often with new trade agreements overseas, or an increase in the renewable fuels consumption.

  • Promoting renewable fuel consumption would help use up our surplus corn and soybean supply, but Congressman Cramer’s blind allegiance to Trump is letting our farmers and ranchers down.