More Political Doublespeak from Cramer on the Trade War

(BISMARCK, ND) – Kevin Cramer continues to engage in political doublespeak as he attempts to have it both ways on the trade war. But a quick look at Cramer’s comments – and his record – demonstrate what North Dakotans already know: Cramer will blindly stand with the administration to increase his political capital, regardless of how it impacts North Dakotans.

NOW: Cramer admits there are farmers “hurting, no question about it, in the short-term.”

THEN: Cramer says in agriculture that “the short-term is the long-term […] and just one season can ruin a farmer’s livelihood.”

And while Cramer has told farmers that they need to hang tough in the face of “short-term pain,” a source familiar with the administration’s thinking says the trade war with China is at the “beginning of the beginning.”

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